SmartSaver Online is an online shopping reward program under SmartSaver. SmartSaver Online is the ideal avenue for you to shop smart and save smart online. When you make any purchase at your favourite e-store listed on SmartSaver Online, you will get to earn Cash Point rebate and Reward Point. So why wait, log in now to

Becoming a SmartSaver Online member means being SmartSaver member as well. So, to register just login to to sign up for free and start enjoying points from both SmartSaver Offline and SmartSaver Online.

Just follow the simple steps below to shop easily and earn points:

a. Register as SmartSaver Online member.
b. Browse for your favourite e-store on SmartSaver Online.
c. Check out their awesome offers and click on their link.
d. Click on the “Shop Now” button and proceed to shop at their store.
e. Once purchase made, Cash Point and Reward Point will be credited to your account based on the timeline given by the merchants.

a. Cash Points
You may redeem Cash Points at any of our participating merchants for any goods or services. “1 Cash Point = IDR 1”

b. Reward points
Exchange your reward points for merchandises offered by SmartSaver by logging in to the SmartSaver website and click on “Point Redemption” followed by “Reward Point Redemption Catalogue”. Or just go to the redemption section on the SmartSaver Discover apps. Browse for items that you like and follow the remaining step to complete your redemption.

Yes, we will require you to be logged into your SmartSaver Online account because this is the only way we could track your transactions and reward you your Cash Point & Reward Point.

Please do not worry, cash point will take up to 48 hours to be updated in your account. If you do not see your cash point within that time period, you may send us an e-mail to with the details below to ease the inspection of your purchase and we will investigate this issue with our partner websites:

1. Merchant
2. Order no
3. Date purchase
4. Amount
5. IC number
6. Email address
7. Product: flight/hotel/flight & hotel (package)

Yes, our agreement with our partner websites is that they would not pay out for cancelled/refunded transactions. So, in this case, we would have to void your Cash Point.

In order for SmartSaver Online to track your Cash Point, we will have to plant a tracking cookie in your internet browser to track your order and reward you with the right amount of Cash Point.

If you forget to click through from SmartSaver Online, we will not be able to track your order and no cash point will be given. So, you have to remember to always log in to SmartSaver Online website and let us redirect you to our merchants’ stores.

You can send us a message via SmartSaver Online Customer Care at the SmartSaver Online website or just drop us an email at and our team will revert back accordingly.

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